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Digital marketing is a technic where you promote your business digitally or online through digital channels like SEO, SMO, Paid advertisement, influencer marketing, etc… These methods are very popular nowadays because you track everything and do the marketing through the right message at right time. 

Unlike traditional methods, you get more exposure and reach a larger audience with a target prospectus with the right audiences who are most likely to buy your products and services. As per Statista, the most effective digital marketing techniques according to marketers worldwide in 2020 are;

Marketing TechniquesPercentage of Effectiveness
Content Marketing17.4%
Market Automation17.4%
Big Data 15.3%
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning12.9%
Social Media Marketing7.8%
Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) and Improving Website Experiences4.8%
Paid Search Marketing3.9%
Mobile Marketing 3%
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)3%
Online PR2.1%

There are many advantages of digital marketing, here we are discussing some of the top advantages of digital marketing. Read our expert answer; what exactly is digital marketing?

  1. Global Reach: Traditional marketing is restricted by geography and if you want to create international marketing then it can be hard and expensive. However, in digital marketing internet access is worldwide and you can reach your audiences within a minute with proper strategy. Even small business owners can demonstrate their products or services globally to audiences with low and flexible costs to the right audiences.   
  1. Right Message at the Right Time to the Right Audiences: Segmentation and targeting is one of the top advantages of digital marketing. You can target your audiences according to your budget, age, gender, location, etc… In traditional marketing, it’s impossible to do these things. You can segment your customers on the basis of budget, location, gender, etc.. then write the message according to these parameters and target at the right time whenever your audience will consume this message. 
  1. Local Reach: Yes, Digital marketing will give you the opportunity to reach the local market. You can target ads locally so that your local customers will be led to know about your product or services and directly reach your doorstep.
  1. Lower & Flexible Costs: Lower and flexible costs will be beneficial to every organization. Unlike traditional marketing, you don’t need to pay extra money to advertisers. You will have a choice to decide the Flexi cost on the marketing budget. You can reach a larger audience at a very low cost.  
  1. Easy to Learn: Digital marketing is an art, anyone can learn easily. There are a lot of resources available online about digital marketing so that anyone can access it and learn it easily. In the market, also there are some top institutes in India that are offering digital marketing programs at very low costs. Read our expert answer; How good is a career in digital marketing?

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