Top 10 Digital Marketing Courses & Certificates In 2024 (Free and Paid Online)

Top 10 Online Digital Marketing Courses (Free and Paid)
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An increasing trend in the internet world, the digital marketing industry is booming in every sector. Business is going online because of the use of the internet. Traditional marketing is shifted to a new way of marketing which is called digital marketing. Digital Marketing is an online marketing process where you promote your business through the top online platform where 99 percent of consumers are active online on this platform to consume the content. Now you can understand the power of digital marketing.

10 Best Digital Marketing Courses In India with Certificate

Digital Marketing Courses are very popular because their demand in the world is increasing. Every sector needs digital marketers so that they can promote their business online and get better results on business performance. As we already discussed, digital marketing is a growing field so everyone wants to become a digital marketer and they expect to get better jobs and salaries. Many top universities and institutes are currently offering digital marketing programs for working professionals or students with guaranteed placements. They also offer certificates in digital marketing programs with practical exposure. Also Read | Top Digital Marketing colleges In India!

Nowadays there are some online learning platforms also come in the market that offers the best digital marketing courses to students. These online learning platforms are very popular with working professionals because they provide this online marketing course free of cost or take a very minimal amount for this program. 

Here we are sharing the top 10 online digital marketing courses in 2024, some of them will be free and some of them will be paid. 

1) Google Digital Marketing Course Online (Free with certification)

Google has an online learning platform called Digital Garage. You can discover a lot of online trending topics related to courses with certificates here. Some trending topics are Digital Marketing, Career Development, and Data.

Google Digital Marketing Courses - edigitaluniversity

Google has claimed that, since 2015, they have trained over 700,000 people to help them find better jobs, and grow their careers or business. Courses listed at Digital Garage are offered by Google and some of the offered by partner universities or institutions.

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing programs created by Google where you will learn fundamentals of digital marketing to help your career or business. This course is free of cost and accredited by Interactive Advertising Bureau Europe and The Open University. This course has 26 modules, all created by Google trainers that will help you to have more practical and real-time experiences. Some of the topics of this program are below;

How to start an online businessHow to make sure customers find you online
Promote a business with content marketingMobile Marketing
How to promote a business with online advertising (Google Ads)How to expand a business to other countries
Social Media AdvertisingYouTube Course (Includes certification)

Why Enroll In This Online Course?

If you are a new digital marketer then it is a good idea to enroll in this program. You will get the fundamentals of digital marketing. You would also learn how the different components work together. Certification of this program will be recognized globally which will be a great way to boost your career. Learn more about this course!

2) Udemy Digital Marketing Course Online (Paid with certification)

Udemy is an online learning and teaching marketplace with over 213000 courses and 57 million students. You would get the course online in different categories like python, excel, web development, javascript, data science, AWS Certification, etc…


Udemy is one the most prominent online learning platforms. They offer a lot of courses on the subject of digital marketing. One of the courses that cover digital marketing in detail is the bundle of digital marketing programs which includes 12 courses. Topics include;

Market ResearchWordPress Setup
SEOSEO Writing
YouTube MarketingGoogle Ads
LinkedIn MarketingApp Marketing
Email MarketingGoogle Analytics
Social Media MarketingFacebook Ads

This course offers certification in digital marketing but it is not free. The cost of this digital marketing course is ₹3,499. You will get interactive projects, a checklist, and actionable lectures.

Why Enroll In This Course?

Udemy has listed more than 1000+ digital marketing online courses so that you have a lot of choices to choose one. You can choose the courses based on reviews, dates, and fees.

Before choosing the course you need to carefully read the description and reviews about all the programs that are listed on Udemy. Sometimes the description of the courses is more promised what is delivered in the course.

Nevertheless, If you get this digital marketing course at a reasonable price then you should select it. Because you would get some more exposure to digital marketing. You will also get a certificate after completing this program. Learn more about this program!

3) upGrad Digital Marketing Programs (Paid with Certification)

upGrad is an online ed-tech platform that offers online professional courses at different levels like degrees, diplomas, and certificates. They also have tie-up with top online universities in India and abroad.


All the courses except some certification-level online courses that are listed on the upGrad website are offered by some top online universities that are tied up with upGrad.

upGrad offers 3 types of digital marketing courses that are listed below;

Digital Marketing Job Linked Bootcamp: You can launch your career as a digital marketer with this live, hands-on boot camp. The course format is online. The duration of this course is 6 months or recommended by 15-20 hrs per week. Eligibility of this program is graduation with 50% marks.

Advanced Certificate In Digital Marketing and Communication: This course is offered by one of India’s top marketing institutes i.e MICA. Currently, there are 12000+ learners. The duration of this program is 32-50 weeks or recommended by 7-9 hrs/week. Currently, they have 300+ hiring partners.

Advanced Certificate In Brand communication Management: Boost your career as a brand communication management journey with attractive learning. This program is offered by MICA and industry experts so that you will get your knowledge valuable and relevant. You will also get hands-on-project in this program.

Why Enroll In This Course?

👉 upGrad has tie-up with the top 1% of universities

👉 50% salary hike

👉 You will get digital marketing certification from world-class universities

👉 You have the option to opt no cost EMI

👉 You will get case studies and live project working experience, Learn more about this program!

4) Simplilearn Digital Marketing Course (Paid with Certification)

Simplilearn is one of the best and most trusted platforms in the digital industry. They offer digital marketing courses that are tied up with some of the top universities and institutes in India or abroad.


Simplilearn’s digital marketing courses focus on skills like SEO, Social Media Marketing, PPC, web analytics, and brand management. This course will help you to become a digital marketing expert with industry-relevant practical exposure.

Simplilearn’s digital marketing post-graduate programs are offered by top-notch universities that are described below;

University NamePrograms NameDuration
Purdue UniversityProfessional Certificate Program In Digital Marketing6 Month
IMT GhaziabadIMT Gzb Digital Marketing Program5 Month
S P Jain Institute of Management and ResearchProfessional Certificate In Brand Strategy4 Month

Why Enroll In This Course?

👉 University Certificates

👉 University Alumni Status

👉 Masterclasses from University

👉 Career Support, Learn more about this program!

5) Coursera Digital Marketing Courses (Free with Certification)

Coursera is one of the top brands in the ed-tech platforms. It has more than 2000+ online courses that are specialized in the marketing field. Coursera is a platform where a lot of institutes and brands have listed their online trending courses that will help students and working professionals to grow their careers to new heights.


Google, Meta, The University of California, the University of Illinois, Digital marketing institutes, etc.. all have listed their online digital marketing courses on its portal. You can choose the courses based on your interest and affordability. Free and Paid both types of online courses are available on it. 

There is one course named Google Digital Marketing and E-Commerce Professional Certificate listed on Coursera’s portal that is offered by Google Instructor. This program is available at no cost to everyone. If anyone is interested to make a career in digital marketing then they can join easily just in 2 min through a simple process of signup. You will learn in-demand skills that can make you ready to get the job in less than 6 months.

Why Enroll In This Course?

👉 This program is listed on the portal that is a trusted brand in the industry of tech and online marketing.

👉 There is no need for any experience to enroll in this course

👉 100% flexibility is for you. Whenever you have the time you would learn this course

👉 Globally acceptable certification

👉 As per Coursera’s reviews, this program has gotten 4.8 stars in 5 (10,244 ratings, 275,846 already enrolled).

👉The common job title for this program is Digital Marketer, Marketing Coordinator, Search Engine Optimization Specialist, Paid Search Specialist, Email Marketing Specialist, E-commerce Associate, or Media Planner, Learn more about this course!

6) Intellipatt Digital Marketing Course Certification (Paid Certification)

Intellipatt is a great portal for the tech industry. This portal has a lot of courses available that are more demanding in the tech and online marketing industry. This is specialized for the tech industry because they are offering the courses like data science, business analytics, cloud computing, cyber security, digital marketing, and many more. All of the courses are offered by top institutions like IIT, IGM, etc…


Digital Marketing Course Certification is one of the top trending courses offered at Intellipatt with the help of IIT Madras. In this course, you will learn the skills like search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), email marketing, social media marketing, PPC, Analytics, etc. This program is in demand by the industry and you will get certified from CCE, IIT Madras.

Why Enroll In This Course?

👉You will be taught by IIT Madras faculty and industry experts

👉The duration of this program is 6 months which is applied to learn

👉You have access to 20+ industry projects and case studies.

👉You will get access to 15 modules in this program;

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)Understanding Business Problems
Marketing PrinciplesMarketing Mix Decisions
Branding Marketing and PR CommunicationsMarketing Analytics
Social Media Optimization (SMO)Video Marketing
Paid MarketingEmail Marketing
Landing PagesAffiliate Marketing
Content Marketing and Influencer MarketingDigital Marketing Analytics
Strategy and ROI MeasurementLearn this course

7) Hubspot Academy Digital Marketing Course (Free with Certification)

Hubspot Acadamy is a great source for those who want to make their career in digital marketing. This program is for everyone; fresher and has some knowledge about the digital marketing field. This program will update you with the industry trending skills. 

HubSpot academy

In this program, you will learn how to optimize your website for search engines. You will learn how to make a page media strategy to promote your business online. Your course curriculum will be;

Digital Marketing FundamentalsBuilding a Content Creation Framework
How to Find the SEO Strategy that Fits Your BusinessImproving Website Performance
Creating Quality Blog Content Your Audience Loves to Read and ShareHow to Create a Successful Video Marketing Strategy
Developing a Social Media StrategyIntroduction to Paid Search Advertising
Creating a High-Performing EmailUser Behaviour

Why Enroll In This Course?

👉 If you are a new one in digital marketing then you must join this course because you will be upgrading yourself through this updated digital marketing program.

👉 If you are a content marketer then it will help you to upgrade yourself in the digital world.

👉 A marketing managers should join this course because they can upskill their digital marketing expertise. Learn this course!

8) edX Online Digital Marketing Courses (Free with  Paid Sharable Certification)

edX is an ed-tech platform where the top institutions have listed their courses on this platform. One of the popular online marketing programs is Fundamentamentals of Digital Marketing listed here and offered by the University System of Maryland.

edx logo

In this program, you will learn the changing approaches to digital marketing, such as mobile and omnichannel marketing and attribution and marketing mix modeling, etc… to update your organization’s digital marketing strategy.

This course is free and available to everyone. You just need to spend your time 3-5 hours per week. Already 37,133 candidates have enrolled in this program. You will get the business and management certification course focused on the core of digital marketing. You will learn the 6 modules in this program;

Digital Marketing StrategyInbound and Outbound Marketing (also touching on social media marketing)
Mobile Marketing – Apps and PromotionsMulti-Sided Platforms
Overview of OmniChannel MarketingAttribution and Marketing Mix Modeling

Why Enroll In This Course?

👉 You will learn from top-class institutions and universities.

👉 Graded assignments and exams in the paid version but if you do not want to give the exams then you should opt for to free version.

👉 The theme of this digital marketing course is the behavioral foundation for navigating online to offline. You will also learn about various marketing channels and their audience segmentation.

👉 This course is beneficial for marketing professionals, analysts, entrepreneurs, small business owners, investors, and consumers.

👉 If you opt paid version then you will get the Maryland Smith’s Digital Marketing Professional Certificate. Learn more about this course!

9) Udacity Digital Marketing Course Online (Paid with Certificate)

Udacity has a collection of in-demand skills courses that are for working professionals as well as for bright students. Some of the programs like data science, programming, business, artificial intelligence, and digital marketing at Udacity are very popular due to market demand.


These digital marketing courses are growing demand for a digital marketer who is interested to make their career in digital marketing. The duration of this program is 3 months. For enrolling in this program you do not require experience.

You will learn the various modules like marketing objectives, KPIs, targeted personas, customer journeys, marketing channels, content strategy, and more. There are the 7 top modules you will be taught by industry experts;

Marketing FundamentalsMarketing Data and Technology
Social Media Marketing (Elective)SEO Essentials (Elective)
Search Engine Marketing (Elective)Digital Advertising (Elective)
Email Marketing (Elective)Digital Strategy

Why Enroll In This Course?

👉 You will get real-world projects from industry experts.

👉 You have flexible learning options. You will get access to GitHub portfolio review and LinkedIn profile optimization.

👉 A globally recognized certificate that will get your career to new heights. Learn this course!

10) Linkedin Learning Digital Marketing Foundation Course (Paid with Certification)

Linkedin has a lot of in-demand trending courses offered by industry experts. You just need to subscribe to a minimal monthly plan that will give you full access to the digital marketing courses that are offered by top-notch industry experience experts.


Digital Marketing Foundation course with Brad Batosole is one of the top-rated courses on the LinkedIn Learning portal. In this course, you will learn in-demand skills like Search, social media, email, and display.

This course will also cover key digital management skills, marketing analytics, and content marketing. In this course, you will learn 9 modules; 

The Digital Marketing FrameworkDigital Marketing Basics
Digital Marketing Key ConceptsDigital Marketing Hub and Spokes
Digital Marketing with Your WebsiteDigital Marketing with Paid Channels
Digital Marketing with Social MediaDigital Marketing with Email
Marketing Analytics SkillsOnline Marketing Strategy

Why Enroll In This Course

👉 You will earn a shareable certificate

👉 You will get exposure to digital marketing in all 9 modules

👉 Industry expert mentor, Learn this course!

Digital Marketing Course Fees

Digital Marketing Program’s fees vary from university to university. The average fees of digital marketing programs are 12k to 2 lac. There are a lot of different programs in digital marketing like diplomas, certificate,s and degree courses. We are sharing the average fees below as per course levels;

Course LevelAverage Fees
Digital Marketing Certification Programs25k to 45k
Diploma In Digital Marketing35k to 75k
Digital Marketing Degree Course50k to 2 Lac
Basic Digital Marketing Course12k to35k

There are a lot of universities in India that is offering digital marketing courses at an affordable rates. Top Institutions like IIMs, IITs, and NIITs are also offering digital marketing courses at PG Level.

College NameAverage Frees Per Annum
Great Lakes, ChennaINR 1,00,000
XLRI JamshedpurINR 80,000
IIM LucknowINR 75,000
IIM BangaloreINR 1,17,500
IIM AhmedabadINR 1,80,000
ISB HyderabadINR 1,50,000
YMCA Institute of Management StudiesINR 87,500
NIFT KolkataINR 23,600
Manipal Academy, UdupiINR 94,400
AIMA New DelhiINR 36,000

Digital Marketing Colleges Offering Diploma Courses

Diploma in digital marketing programs is offered by some of the colleges in India. You just have to pass out 10th or 12th to enroll in this course. Below we are sharing the table format to describe the college name and fees.

College NameAverage Fees per Annum
ISBM HyderabadINR 15,900
AIMA New DelhiINR 63,000
Taxila Business School, JaipurINR 4,55,000
Sunstone Eduversity, BangaloreINR 62,500
Marwadi University, RajkotINR 2,40,000
IPS Business School, JaipurINR 63,000
IBSW BangaloreINR 12,000
ISBM UniversityINR 15,900

Digital Marketing Colleges Offering UG Courses

UG program of digital marketing can be done after completing your 12th schooling. Some of the popular ug programs in digital marketing are BBA in digital marketing, BA in digital marketing, and many other courses offered by universities. 

College NameAverage Fees Per Annum
UPES DehradunINR 2,80,000
Quantum University, RoorkeeINR 70,000
Adamas University, KolkataINR 1,44,000
Pearl Academy, New DelhiINR 7,00,000
Indira Institute of Management, PuneINR 1,17,000
BML Munjal University, GurgaonINR 3,22,000
Presidency University, BangaloreINR 1,65,000
RIMT University, PunjabINR 51,000
Graphic Era Hill University, DehradunINR 1,04,000
Rama University, KanpurINR 50,000

Digital Marketing Colleges Offering PG Courses

Digital Marketing PG programs are one of the popular degree programs in the current industry trends. The eligibility of this course is you have to complete your bachelor’s degree from a recognized university. Take a look below for top universities that is offering this course;

College NameAverage Fees per Annum
KL University GunturINR 2,66,000
Shoolini University, SolanINR 2,22,000
VelTech University, ChennaiINR 93,000
Presidency University, BangaloreINR 3,25,000
Integral University, LucknowINR 1,25,000
CMR University, BangaloreINR 4,50,000
Graphic Era University, DehradunINR 2,51,000
RIMT University, PunjabINR 1,03,000

Digital Marketing Course Duration

Course duration of digital marketing programs are 3 months to 4 years. It depends on you what type of programs you select. Certification programs course duration is 3 months to 9 months however diploma in digital marketing course duration is 6 months to 1 year and the degree program digital marketing course duration is 2 years to 4 years. It all depends on you at what level you are choosing the courses. Also Read | Digital Marketing Course Fees!

Digital Marketing Syllabus

Syllabus of digital marketing courses is based on the marketing-related activities through online or digital mode. Different universities or institutions can be varied at some level but the core concept of all universities or institutions have the same. So we are sharing the syllabus in below that is common for all institutions.


The syllabus might vary at the university level. Some topics may be added like strategy creation, industry experience, user behavior, etc. So you do not need to worry about it because every institute or university provide you with the syllabus of this program basically all the topics we include above will be added to these syllabus.

Digital Marketing Placement and Job Roles

If you are a working professional then you do not need to worry about the placement. Because every company has one department of digital. You can approach your HR to shift you to the digital department. If you do not have the options then you can switch your job with the help of your institution. Because every university or institution are giving placement assistance to their students. If you are student then you have to follow the same procedure as the university gives placement assistance. 

SEO Courses In KolkataSEO Courses In Chennai
SEO Courses In BangaloreSEO Courses In Ahmedabad
SEO Courses In DelhiSEO Courses In Hyderabad
SEO Courses Near Me

After completing this digital marketing course you will be placed at top companies like Tata, Infosys, IBM, Google, Meta, etc… due to the growing demand for digital marketing. There are top trending job roles in digital marketing are;

SEO DirectorDigital Marketing HeadPerformance Marketer
SMO ManagerGrowth HackerSocial media manager
CopywriterEmail marketing specialistContent manager
Market research analystDigital marketerMarketing Manager
Content strategistChief marketing officerSocial media specialist
Content writerBranding specialistPay-per-click specialist
Content CoordinatorProject managerCreative director
Analytics managerDigital Marketing SalaryAnalytics Project Manager

The salary of digital marketing varies from location to location. In India, the average salary of digital marketing ranges between ₹ 0.4 Lakhs to ₹ 9.2 Lakhs with an average annual salary of ₹ 3.0 Lakhs. Take a look at the below table;

Digital Marketing DesignationSalary Range
Digital Marketing Manager Salary₹ 2.5 Lakhs to ₹ 18.5 Lakhs
Digital Marketing Expert Salary₹ 1.8 Lakhs to ₹ 10.0 Lakhs
Digital Marketing Analyst Salary₹ 1.5 Lakhs to ₹ 8.5 Lakhs
Digital Marketing Associate Salary₹ 1.5 Lakhs to ₹ 7.3 Lakhs
Digital Marketing Executive Salary₹ 1.2 Lakhs to ₹ 5.2 Lakhs
Digital Marketer Salary₹ 0.5 Lakhs to ₹ 11.1 Lakhs
Digital Marketing Team Lead Salary₹ 2.1 Lakhs to ₹ 10.5 Lakhs
Digital Marketing Specialist Salary₹ 4.5 Lakhs to ₹ 12.0 Lakhs

Digital Marketing Courses Near Me

Digital Marketing Courses In ThaneDigital Marketing Courses In Delhi
Digital Marketing Courses In DehradunDigital Marketing Courses In Ludhiana
Digital Marketing Courses In VadodaraDigital Marketing Courses In Lucknow
Digital Marketing Courses In ChandigarhDigital Marketing Courses In Hyderabad
Digital Marketing Courses In JaipurDigital Marketing Courses In Ahmedabad
Digital Marketing Courses In BangaloreDigital Marketing Courses In Patna
Digital Marketing Courses In KolkataDigital Marketing Courses In Kochi
Digital Marketing Courses In NashikDigital Marketing Courses In Coimbatore
Digital Marketing Courses In GurgaonDigital Marketing Courses In Ghaziabad
Digital Marketing Courses In NoidaDigital Marketing Colleges India
Digital Marketing Courses In PuneDigital Marketing Courses In Bhopal
Digital Marketing Courses In Mumbai


We have explained the top 10 online digital marketing courses in 2024. Now it’s your turn to take the decision wisely before choosing any university or institute. Because your one wrong decision will waste your time and money. There is one recommendation is that you must check out the reviews about any online digital marketing courses because nowadays many more universities or institutes are claiming that we are the best. So take your decision wisely and boost your career with great financial status.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

⭐ Which course is best in digital marketing?

Nowadays everyone is claiming that we are the best but as per brand status and user reviews, there are some top tech platforms are Coursera, udemy, upgrad, and simplylearn.

⭐ What is the eligibility for digital marketing?

Eligibility of digital marketing programs varies at the course level. If you choose a certificate course then you only have to pass out the 10th or 12th schooling and if you choose a degree course then you have to complete your 12th schooling for a ug program in digital marketing and bachelor’s degree for pg programs in digital marketing.

⭐ Is digital marketing an easy course?

It only depends on you. It is not a science, it is just an art. If you have some marketing knowledge then it is too easy to learn digital marketing. Digital marketing can anyone learn because in this program you do not need to learn to code just like a programmer. If you have some computer knowledge then you can easily learn digital marketing course.  

⭐ What are the 3 types of digital marketing?

Digital Marketing has a lot of branches to learn in this course. However you can say that there are the main 3 types of digital marketing are; SEO (Search Engine Optimization), PPC (Pay Per Click), and SMO (Social Media Optimization).

⭐ Is Digital Marketing Course Offered by IIM?

Yes, digital marketing courses are offered by some IIMs that as IIM Indore (Certificate Program in Digital Marketing and Strategy), IIM Calcutta (Executive Program on Digital and Social Media Marketing Strategy), IIM Bangalore (Digital Marketing for Business Growth),, and IIM Kozhikode (Digital Marketing and Analytics).

⭐ Where to Learn digital marketing?

You can learn everywhere and anywhere. Due to the digital revolution you can learn digital marketing courses at your doorstep if you want. Still, there are a lot of institutions and universities that are offering offline courses, you can opt for it also. So it is all about your choice because every institution have both way (Online as well as offline) to learn this digital marketing course. You also have the option of youtube where you can learn it flexibly free of cost.

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