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Do you aspire to become a skilled VLSI (Very Large Scale Integration) engineer, contributing to the creation of cutting-edge electronic devices? Online VLSI Course is your gateway to mastering the art of chip design and opening doors to a rewarding career in the semiconductor industry. You May Interested; New Age Career Online Course

Online VLSI course is a range of 3 months to 2 years program that is entirely online, without the need to attend classes on a physical campus. Online VLSI Course syllabus typically covers core concepts such as VLSI design fundamentals, Analog IC design, Programming languages and mathematics, Digital Image Processing, Behaviour modelling and VLSI signal processing. Online VLSI certificate programs are designed for working professionals or for individuals who have other commitments.

Source: IIT Roorkee

Top Online VLSI Institutes in India include IIT Roorkee, MNIT Jaipur, DTU Rohini, IIT Delhi, IIT Dhanbad. Online VLSI Admissions requires candidates to appear for online entrance examinations such as GATE, TANCET, Karnataka PGCET. The average fee for Online VLSI Course in India ranges around $1,500 / INR 1,12,500. You May Interested; Digital Marketing Course Fees

Online VLSI Course is offered by colleges worldwide. According to QS Rankings, top colleges for Online VLSI in the world include Arizona State University, Columbia University, Clemson University Boston University and Duke University. Some colleges require students to appear for IELTS to qualify for the course. The average fee for Online MBA Abroad ranges around INR 16,45,754 – INR 40,63,366. 

VLSI Engineer Salary In India

Online VLSI Jobs in the field of RTL Design Engineer, FPGA Design Engineer, Design Verification Engineer, Physical Design Engineer, Validation Engineer, AMS Verification Engineer are some of the highest paying sectors in India. The average salary of an Online VLSI engineer in India is between INR ₹ 31,941 – ₹ 33,226/month

In the depth of modern technology, the significance of Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) systems cannot be overstated. These intricate systems serve as the backbone of computer circuitry, propelling the evolution of novel computer chips, microprocessors, and portable electronic devices.

By seamlessly integrating thousands of transistors onto a single chip, VLSI technology empowers our personal computers, fuels the capabilities of smartphones, and drives innovation across the electronic landscape.

Online VLSI Course Details

Duration3 Month to 2 Years
Course TypeCertification & Online Degree
Admission ProcessEntrance Exams or Direct Admission
Top Entrance ExamsGATE, TANCET, Karnataka PGCET, SRMJEE 
Eligibility50% in graduation in Computer Science and Engineering / Electronics and Communication Engineering / Electrical Engineering
Mode of DeliveryLive online lectures, pre-recorded lessons, assignments, and case studies
Top CollegesIIT Roorkee, MNIT Jaipur, DTU Rohini, IIT Delhi, IIT Dhanbad, Chaitanya Bharathi Institute of Technology, Hyderabad, Madras Institute of Technology, Chennai, Balaji Institute of Engineering and Technology, Chennai
Course Fees (INR)INR 50,000 – INR 4,00,000
Top Recruiting CompaniesTCS, Wipro, Infosys, Ashok Leyland etc
Job PositionsDesign Engineer, Technical Lead, Testing Engineer, Project Designer
Salary After Online MBAINR 5 – 6 lakhs per annum

Why Choose Online VLSI Course?

Online VLSI course is designed to cater to both beginners and intermediate learners who are eager to delve into the depth of chip design. Whether you’re a recent graduate, a working professional looking to upskill, or an electronics enthusiast, this course offers a flexible learning experience tailored to your needs. Also Read | Digital Marketing Colleges

Key Features of Online VLSI Course

Expert Faculty: Learn from experienced VLSI engineers and industry experts who bring real-world insights and practical knowledge to the virtual classroom.

Interactive Learning: This online VLSI course employs a variety of teaching methods, including video lectures, live webinars, interactive assignments, and group discussions, ensuring an engaging and dynamic learning experience.

Hands-on Projects: Gain practical skills by working on industry-relevant projects that simulate real-world chip design scenarios. Apply your knowledge to create and optimize integrated circuits using state-of-the-art tools and methodologies.

Flexible Schedule: Busy with work or other commitments? No problem! Our online format allows you to learn at your own pace, giving you the freedom to balance your studies with your daily life.

Comprehensive Curriculum: The curriculum covers the entire VLSI design flow, starting from fundamentals such as digital logic and circuit theory to advanced topics like RTL design, synthesis, verification, and physical design.

Industry Insights: Stay up-to-date with the latest trends and advancements in the semiconductor industry. Learn about emerging technologies like AI-driven design, IoT integration, and more.

Certification: You will receive a recognized certificate upon successful completion of the course, showcasing your expertise and commitment to prospective employers.

Pros and Cons of Online VLSI Course

Online VLSI Course is a promising degree or certification course as it provides a VLSI degree or certification without spending tons of money and time. Online VLSI is considered equivalent to a regular VLSI programs in most of the cases, however one should look at both sides of the coin to make an informed decision. 

Advantages of Online VLSI Course

Economical: Pursuing an Online VLSI is relatively cost-effective when compared to a regular VLSI program fees.

Flexibility: Online VLSI courses are designed in such a way that is best suited for working professionals or individuals with a busy schedule. 

Recognition: Most of the top tech institute provide Online VLSI courses. This allows candidates to pursue Online VLSI from top tech institute at a nominal price.

Dynamic Faculty: Top tech schools that provide Online VLSI hires or invite experienced professionals for lectures. Since Online VLSI classes are held virtually, so top faculties teach from any part of the world.

Disadvantages of VLSI Course Online

No Campus Experience: Building a relationship and connections with faculties and students is a crucial aspect of pursuing an VLSI courses. However, an online VLSI Course lacks facility, though some colleges provide a tour of the campus for a couple of days.

Challenging to Cope: Striving to maintain a balance between work, study and personal life can be very challenging. Candidates have to build a consistent and disciplined schedule to fix this. 

Duration: Most of the colleges that provide online VLSI PG degree Course allows candidates to finish the course in either 2 or 4 years. 

Limited Exposure: The fact that an online VLSI engineer has missed out VLSI Skills along with on-college campus experience, along with other on-campus activities limits their exposure.

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Who Should Study Online VLSI Courses?

  • Candidates must have passed B.E./ B.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering/ Information Technology/ Computer Science/ Instrumentation or any equivalent examination with minimum 50% marks (for General Category) or 40% to 45% marks for candidates belonging to the SC/ST or OBC.
  • Working professionals aiming to transition into the semiconductor industry or enhance their existing skills.
  • Electronics enthusiasts passionate about understanding the intricate details of chip design.

Online VLSI Course Syllabus/Subjects

  • Introduction to VLSI and Semiconductor Basics
  • Digital Logic Design and Circuit Theory
  • RTL (Register-Transfer Level) Design and Functional Verification
  • Logic Synthesis and Timing Analysis
  • Physical Design and Layout
  • Verification Methodologies: Simulation and Formal Verification
  • Emerging Trends in VLSI: AI in Chip Design, IoT Integration, etc.

Online VLSI  Courses in India

Multiple online platforms like NPTEL and Coursera offer Online VLSI courses. These platforms provide VLSI degree or certifications credential from universities or institutes all over the world. Platforms like Udemy provide recorded lecturer/self learning . Their fees vary from INR 50,000 – INR 4,00,000 for a duration of 3 months – 2 years.

Online VLSI Course PlatformOnline VLSI Course TypeOnline VLSI Course DurationOnline VLSI Course Fees
Maven-SiliconVLSI Verification365 Days₹10,000 + Taxes
CourseraPost Graduate Certificate in VLSI Design6 months$1,500 / INR 1,12,500
NPTELVLSI Physical Design12 weeksN/A
ChipEdgeCertificate Course in Physical Design5 months₹ Call for Attractive Discounts
UdemyVSD – Signal IntegritySelf Placed₹499 + Taxes
VLSI GuruPhysical Design Training6.5 months₹63,000 + Taxes
VLSINEXTGENPCIe Advanced Course(PCIe SR_IOV)3-4 weeks(Weekends only training)N/A
NIELITVLSI Design80 hours₹15,000 + Taxes
TakshILA VLSIPhysical Design Online5 monthsNA
SMECPost Graduate Diploma in VLSI90 hoursNA

Top ME (Master of Engineering) Colleges for VLSI Design Programs

Dr. D.Y. Patil College of Engineering, PuneG H Raisoni College of Engineering and Management, Pune
GRM Institute of Technology, SrikakulamMadras Institute of Technology, Chennai
Reva University, BangaloreGreater Noida Institute of Technology, Uttar Pradesh
Balaji Institute of Engineering and Technology, ChennaiAVS Engineering College, Salem
Arasu Engineering College, Kumbakonam

Admission Process for Online VLSI Course In India

  • The online VLSI course admission process may vary from one institutes to another.
  • In the majority of cases, candidates have to appear for online entrance examinations such as GATE, TANCET, Karnataka PGCET, SRMJEE.
  • Certain Universities/Institutes have their own entrance examinations such as SRMJEE.
  • Some Universities/Institutes enroll students directly, on the basis of merit.

Eligibility for Online VLSI Course In India

An online VLSI course requires the following eligibility criteria for admission:

  • 45% aggregate or equivalent marks from a recognized college/university 
  • Candidates with relevant work experience is given preference.
  • Candidates need to qualify for the entrance examinations.
  • There is no age limit for enrolling in an Online VLSI course.

Online VLSI Course Abroad

Online VLSI course from a university abroad is a convenient and cost-effective way to advance your career and gain global business knowledge. 

  • Candidates are taught and mentored by professionals from all over the world.
  • Candidates get to study at a top global business school without relocating.
  • Online VLSI courses can be completed in less time than a regular VLSI course.
  • Online VLSI costs relatively less when compared to a regular VLSI Programs.

Top Masters Colleges for VLSI Programs In USA & Europe

VLSI Colleges In  USAVLSI Colleges In  Europe
Arizona State UniversityKarlsruhe Institute of Technology (Germany)
Columbia UniversityTU Delft (Netherlands)
Clemson University Boston UniversityKU Leuven (Belgium)
Duke UniversityTU Chemnitz (Germany)
Concordia University Drexel UniversityKTH (Sweden), etc
Emory University Carnegie Mellon University, etcUniversity of Edinburg (UK)
Schedule a FREE online consultation with study abroad expertBangor University (UK)

Online VLSI Design Jobs Prospects

Online VLSI Jobs in the field of Physical Design Engineer, Project Designer, Design Engineer, VLSI Technical Lead are some of the highest paying sectors in India. Also Read | Top 15 Digital Marketing Project Ideas/Topics For students

The average salary of an Online VLSI engineer in India is between INR ₹ 31,941 – ₹ 33,226/month. Listed below are the top VLSI Online Job sectors:

VLSI Design EngineerPhysical Design Engineer
Verification EngineerASIC Design Engineer
Digital Design EngineerLayout Engineer
FPGA Design EngineerIC Design Engineer
DFT (Design for Test) EngineerMS (Analog Mixed Signal) designer
AMS verification engineerLayout design engineer
ASIC front-end designerASIC verification engineer
Physical design engineerDFT engineer
Application engineer technical supportBoard validation engineer
Corporate Application Engineer (CAE)EDA/CAD engineer
EDA tool validation engineerFab/Foundry Engineer
Field Application Engineer (FAE)FPGA Back-end verification engineer
Front-end verification engineerIP design engineer Verification Engineers
IP verification engineerLibrary developer
The physical design verification engineerProduct Application Engineer (PAE)

Frequently Asked Question for Online VLSI Course

⭐ What is an Online VLSI Course?

An online VLSI course is a virtual learning program that offers education and training in Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) design through digital platforms. It enables learners to study VLSI concepts, tools, and methodologies remotely, without the need to attend physical classes.

⭐ Who is Suitable for an Online VLSI Course?

Online VLSI courses are ideal for a diverse range of individuals, including electronics enthusiasts, recent graduates, working professionals, and those seeking to enhance their skills in chip design. These courses are tailored to accommodate various commitments and lifestyles.

⭐ What Topics are Covered in an Online VLSI Course?

Online VLSI courses typically cover a comprehensive spectrum of topics, including digital logic design, RTL (Register-Transfer Level) design, logic synthesis, physical design, verification methodologies, emerging trends in VLSI, and more.

⭐ How Long is the Duration of an Online VLSI Course?

The duration of online VLSI courses can vary. Some courses are designed to be completed in a few weeks, while others might span a few months. The flexibility of online learning allows participants to progress at their own pace.

⭐ What Learning Methods are Employed in Online VLSI Courses?

Online VLSI courses utilize a variety of teaching methods, including video lectures, interactive assignments, quizzes, discussion forums, live webinars, and hands-on projects. These methods ensure an engaging and comprehensive learning experience.

⭐ Are Online VLSI Courses Recognized?

Many online VLSI courses are offered by reputable institutions and platforms that provide recognized certificates upon completion. It’s advisable to choose courses from well-established sources to ensure the credibility of the certification.

⭐ Can I Learn VLSI Design Completely Online?

Yes, you can acquire a substantial understanding of VLSI design through online courses. These programs often include hands-on projects and practical assignments to help you apply theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios.

⭐ What Are the Prerequisites for Enrolling in an Online VLSI Course?

Prerequisites vary depending on the course level. Some introductory courses might require basic electronics knowledge, while more advanced courses could require prior experience in digital design or related fields.

⭐ How Do I Interact with Instructors and Peers in an Online VLSI Course?

Online VLSI courses usually offer discussion forums, chat platforms, and live webinars where you can interact with instructors and fellow learners. These platforms foster collaborative learning and allow you to seek guidance when needed.

⭐ How Can I Benefit from an Online VLSI Course in My Career?

Completing an online VLSI course can enhance your career prospects by equipping you with sought-after skills in chip design. Whether you’re aiming for a career change, promotion, or simply expanding your knowledge, this course can open doors to opportunities in the semiconductor industry.

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