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The IGNOU University typically releases results within 45 days after the completion of the Term End Exam (TEE) conducted by the university. However, for those seeking early results, IGNOU offers an Early Declaration option, with results being declared within 30 days after the TEE Exam.

To avail of the Early Declaration results, candidates must fill out an application form and submit it to the designated center along with the prescribed fees. These results are then released ahead of the common results for other candidates. Application forms for early declaration results can be obtained online or from IGNOU centers.

Given the large number of candidates appearing for the IGNOU Term End Examination, it may take some time to upload all the results, including marks and other details. In some cases, students might encounter issues such as their results not being available or the website showing an “enrollment not found” message. In such situations, students are advised to be patient and keep checking for updates.

Similarly, if a student finds that their result is incomplete, they are requested to exercise patience, as IGNOU will update the result with all subjects in due course. Overall, the university works diligently to upload all results as quickly as possible, ensuring accurate and comprehensive information for all candidates. Download Result here!

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